10 ข้อในการเลือกฟิตเนสที่ดี

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For anyone looking for a good and suitable for myself, I have some suggestions for choosing a dating section 10 below.

1) Try to find information online.


Register on our fitness, we always believe in each line of fitness. Before taking the time to actually read the information from the world of fitness is not just a website. But let’s look at a review of nine members, each of you too. Will know before leaving home that will suit you or not.


2) Place


If you go to a distant frequently Really I see many more people registered to think hard all day long trip. Last but not yet Exercise is very important, but we have something else we have to do business with. If fitness is still a long way to go as often as we want.

Do not forget that if you are playing the car was a time to travel again.

If more than 20 minutes from home or work, I would suggest finding a new one.

3) On / Off


I exercise my early Most facilities are open Some players do not work late shifts. The gym is open when you want to play the best. If possible, do not try to change work schedules or move something else to have time to exercise.

4) Every time you play.

Gym time clock

Another very important. Is to see a real place on the day and time you would play maybe like sales meet on Tuesday at 10:00. It will be a great relief. But the play at 19:00. It is not available everywhere yet. Therefore, if you are playing on Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 20:00 am. I try to look at it like it is.

5) staff and trainers


You will be using the services of this. How would you feel if the service is bad. The contract is the year to think about it.

The trainer will have to see if he is willing to help you very much. Some of them are safe and offer some advice. Some say he does not Does not help anyone In addition to his customers

Please tell me, “Do not overdo” Some trainers will help you. But you must understand that he is running. If you want him to do was go down the course that Gide.

6) other members


People who play there he is, he’s arrogant, he’s very important. I’ve been to a few of the players have insulted each other and squabble. It makes us feel bad and do not come into play yet. But everyone is a friend and it was great fun, we will, as we want to find friends.

7) Accessories

Gym machines

It fully or not If you are a beginner, this is not to think too much. Let’s just see if you like it or not. Not sure if he was asking me.

Ask the member whether or not the equipment broke, he quickly repaired. I used to be a member of one of the machines broke down, it was a great break for a year to do a repair.

8) Class models


If you play a class such as Yoga, Pilates, Body pump, etc., you have to pay or it is included in the membership fee.

Most of the time it is to see that the class of the time you will play or not.

9) Clean


Fitness clean it If you can not clean the infected skin.

I had to clean the bathroom It’s not just a luxury, it is clean enough.

10) Membership


This last remark is because if it passes the first nine, then you would know that good or not good. Do not just look at price as a month or a year. The idea is that, if priced at 1,500 baht per month, and you will play three times a Sun Valley. It was 125 baht each, but if you go five days, but only 75 baht per visit.


Remember that fitness is a place where you need to go frequently. Therefore, if you do not like the place. Whether it is due to any cause. Find somewhere better.

author: ttfadmin